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The Butler is obsessed with saving you time and stress. They hate to see you waste your time on repetitive tasks and working at jobs you hate. This blog is a place for the butler to share inspiring productivity and outsourcing tips. Most posts also include links to useful tools and apps for your smartphone, tablet or computer. Regular readers may also learn much more than they want to know about Lady Penelope.

Survivor meet Wealth Builder

Over at the Acorns blog, Jackie Lamb has a nice piece contrasting wealth-builders with survivors.  The key difference being mindset. Notice I wrote “mindset” and not “personality type”. That’s because if you’re merely surviving, making the change to become a wealth builder is something that can be learned and implemented – and Bill Butler can help you with both steps. Attributes of Survival mode Spend more than you earn Not knowing where your money disappears to Little to no savings for emergencies Living from pay day to pay day You don’t have to have a low income to be in survival mode, but what we can tell you is when you are […] read more

Free spirits and dreamers achieve your financial vision

There’s no point in pretending we’re all built the same. If you and your partner (or your mum, or your best friend) take the cognitive profile quiz, chances are you will have different results. These results are based on the work of twentieth century psychiatrist Carl Jung. His work showed that as we develop as adults, we undergo individuation—the lifelong process of differentiation of the self out of both our conscious and unconscious elements. This “growing into ourselves” is healthy and the reason why no matter what goals or dreams we may share, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. Some of us have “Goals” others have Dreams! This blog (and many […] read more

CPA Australia fails to gain traction in the advice market

Article published in Independent Financial Advisor (IFA), in response to previous article on disgruntled CPA's. After nearly two years, CPA Australia fails to get traction despite receiving 600 expressions of interest from advisers and advice groups and investing $1.15million into its advice business. What has led to the failure of the CPA Advice arm? Or the real question, what differentiates a CPA Financial Adviser from any other Advice Dealer Groups? The idea of a Financial Planner aligned with CPA Australia appears to offer clients a service that could simplify a client’s financial life. The potential of synergy between forward-looking strategy accounted for by an Accountant when optimising the client’s tax returns, insurances and […] read more

The Art of Failure 5 reasons why you are failing yourself financially

There are many things in life that we focus our attention on and put our best into; however when it comes to personal finances, many of us carry a narrow view of success. Basically we say to ourselves “if there is enough money in the bank to pay my bills and I can do the things that I want now, then I am satisfied". This is a type of freedom, absolutely.  However, when life throws a few curve balls, we are forced to get a little more serious about the details and need to figure out how to either make more money or cut our expenses. Once back on track, […] read more