Introducing Client Cash Flow Management
without the headaches

Bill Butler provides Advisors & their Clients an Outsourced Cashflow Service. Now you can outsource the day-to-day administration and scale your practice’s cashflow management service, including:

Client onboarding

Budget set up

Bill, Savings & Investment Payments

Debt Reduction discipline

Spend coaching

Transaction data management

Tracking to plan

Advisor alerts and reporting

Did you know?

After 18 months using a cashflow management service clients are motivated to find 35% in savings, up to $20,000 p.a for the average Financial Planning client.

That is strategy opportunity for the Savvy Advisor.

Increase your client value proposition

Bill Butler makes proactive engagement possible with Advisor notifications of milestones and alerts for insurance, investment or strategy update opportunities.

Accelerate client’s financial progress enhancing advice value

With Bill Butler’s regular money and accountability coaching, clients are engaged and more likely to track to plan. Monthly  reporting & hands-on feedback accelerates client achievements providing investment & strategy advice opportunity for Advisors.

Up-to-date client financial position at your fingertips

Via our client/advisor portal, enhancing your compliance with FoFA provisions