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IMPORTANT: We offer exclusive ‘Bill Butler’ Financial Strategy Sessions for people who are serious about taking control of their financial future, reducing their personal debts quickly and getting ahead. These sessions are designed so you can ask more questions and learn further how to create and implement the right strategy according to your unique situation.

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A Custom Cash Flow Forecast – discover the simple financial shortcuts for you to get ahead quicker!

A Simple 360* Budget Review – uncover any financial blind spots and make money work more strategically for you.

Expense Automation Strategy Guide – We’ll show you the simple ways to put your expenses on autopilot.

Make your money work smarter, not harder for you based on what’s important to you and your financial profile!

Our mortgage was for 15 years, however through Bill Butler’s financial freedom program I am now on track to finalise my mortgage in 7 years and will be in a position to look at other investment opportunities too!


As a result of Bill Butler’s cash flow management program, after 9 months, we were able to
get back in touch with our Broker and successfully refinance our property!

Mike and Kerrie

Paying the present credit card bills off was impossible, but Bill Butler’s cash flow management program gave me the strategy to save $205,000 in interest payments over the life of the debt!


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