Have you ever noticed how all of the popular buzz words are a bit over the top? They are essentially explaining something which already exists in a ‘transformative’ manner – see what I did there! These buzz words are generally something like Risk Management, Succession Planning, Synergy, Customer Experience… the list goes on. They are overly fancy words to describe something we have always been doing!

Somehow changing the description of what of a position or process is, makes it more trendy, maybe even exciting, and most definitely more expensive! There’s a reason your finance department resists any change to processes under the name of progress.

This brings us to the dirtiest word in business and finances – Budgeting.

It’s enough to make most shudder and shake with denial, there may even be the occasional scream of horror. Despite all this, I am sure many out there, just like me, think in private they should have more money and wonder where it’s all gone, and lament not putting more money aside earlier etc. etc.

Enter the latest buzz word Cash Flow Management. It’s like a buzz word, but without the mark-up – you can tell it was coined by a finance company, right?

Like with any new term we sit here thinking, what the hell is that? Well, a Cash Flow Management Plan is really a budget on steroids presented with a pretty bow, that thankfully you don’t have to touch ever again. Yep, try and get that image out of your head.

I don’t know about you, but I would love a plan to manage my money and ensure I have enough for savings, holidays, a new car… Wouldn’t it be great to be able to see what’s happening at any time with my finances. I can have control over my finances, without a budget in sight!

Budget may be a dirty word, but I’m happy to say out loud ‘I have a Cash-Flow Management plan’.

Ariel Timothy
Operations Manager
Ariel is passionate about how the world of finance works, its’ intricate gears and everything in-between. Ariel brings his passion and structure to all the Butlers, striving to improve the customer experience. Outside of the working world he a proud father of two kids who both have an extra helping of personality.