1. How does it work?

Bill Butler is an innovative cash management platform. As part of our service we: • Manage your everyday finances • Receive and pay your bills on your behalf • Provide cash flow forecasting to allow strategic oversight of your finances • Link with your Financial Advisor so you can receive real strategic analyse of your true financial situation • Take away the stress of managing your finances, so you can focus on the things you care about

2. How do I get started?

Get started is a very simple process, just pick up the phone and call 1300 245 528 or click here and fill in an online enquiry form. A butler will be in contact with you within 48 hours to talk further about how we can best help you.

3. How are my bills managed?

Through our revolutionary system Bill Butler diverts your bills to your butler who will  make all payments on your behalf. The only time you will be contacted is if there is an issue, or if you have requested a call. As part of our subscription method, we have money put aside each pay check to cover all of these bills, meaning you never have to stress about where the money is coming from.

4. How do I link with my Financial Adviser?

We can only link your account to a Financial Adviser who is partnered with our platform. If you wish to link your account with your Financial Adviser, simply send your butler an email with the name of your adviser and they will automatically link your account for you. If you have been referred through from your Financial Advisor, you will already be linked up with them. This option is only available if you hold a professional or executive package.

5. Which Financial Advisers are affiliated with Bill Butler?

You can see a full list of our partners on our partnership page here. If your adviser is not affiliated with Bill Butler, we are unable to provide them with your cash flow reports or account information.

6. Can you meet with me in person?

Yes! Depending on where you are located you can meet face to face with your Butler upon request. To arrange a time please call 1300 245 528.

7. Where are we based?

Bill Butler’s head office in based in Capalaba, Queensland.

8. How do I cancel my subscription?

Bill Butler has no lock-in contracts, and as such you have ability to cancel your subscription at any time. To cancel your subscription either call Bill Butler on 1300 245 528 or email [email protected] and ask to cancel your subscription.

9. How much is Bill Butler?

Here at Bill Butler we want strategic cash flow management to be accessible to everyone. We have a variety of packages to fit most budgets and needs. To find out more visit our packages pages. If you can’t find a package that suits you call us on 1300 245 528.

10. Who can I contact in an emergency?

We have 24/7 emergency support available on 1300 245 528.

11. How can I partner with Bill Butler?

If you wish to partner with Bill Butler as a Financial Advisor, or as an employer, please fill out the contact form. A member of our Partnerships Team will be in contact with you shortly to discuss partnering with Bill Butler.