• Someone else managing your finances like clockwork
  • Never dealing with another bill – just know it is handled
  • No more pay days deciding what payment to prioritise
  • No more final warnings or missed discounts
  • Never wondering… “Where did the money go?”
  • Hitting your financial goals – not just “resolving” to
  • The nitty gritty of making your money work for you outsourced to a personal financial assistant…at an affordable price

You don’t have to imagine, it’s here now…BILL BUTLER, at your financial service.

Get your finances moving in the right direction

Give ALL the tedious but important stuff you don’t have time or the mental energy for to your cash flow management expert.  OK, we aren’t going to earn the money, or tell you how to spend it but here’s what you get.

With a financial butler you can ensure your money is working for you

A Financial Butler who…

  • Handles all bill/debt payments including the correspondance
  • Aligns your cashflow plan & budgets to your financial goals
  • Provides debt pay down strategies
  • Activates your savings plans and transfers
  • Gives you Cashflow forecasts and timely warnings of problems ahead
  • Provides strategic oversight reporting at your fingertips
  • Highlights the money leaks (kindly)
  • Partners with your Financial Advisors (Planners & Brokers) to keep the day to day tracking towards the bigger goals
  • Connects you with in-house Debt Reduction specialists that can help with debt negotiation and settlement, if needed


Reduce the hassle and have everything done for you.


Bill Payments

We take the effort (and stress) out of managing your bill payments. As part of our service, we redirect all your bills to your Butler who ensures your bills are paid on time, every time. You can have confidence that all the deadlines in your life are being met, without having to lift a finger.

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Cash Flow Management

Our cashflow management system means you will always have the money to do the things you want without having to rely on credit cards. As part of our service, we work out exactly how much money you need, and when, to ensure it is readily available.

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Strategic Insight

Move the dial on your finances, get real-time feedback and see where you are spending your money. At Bill Butler we believe feedback and transparency are the keys to any good financial plan. You will always have complete control and transparency over your finances, which allows you to make those small financial changes which will benefit you for years to come.

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Cash Flow Forecasting

With easy to use portals you can see exactly where you will be financially in the future. You will have peace of mind knowing you are hitting your goals, and are on track to achieve your dreams. At every stage your Butler will have developed your financial forecast, allowing you to see what your finances should look like in 12 months’ time. This allows you to focus on the strategic decisions of how you want to grow your wealth.

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Integration with Financial
Advisor Strategy

We integrate with any Financial Planner within our partnership network, which means your advisor strategies can be inserted into your Cash Flow Management Plan. We provide regular updates which can be sent to your advisor allowing them to provide you with better and more accurate advice regarding your wealth creation strategies.

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Quarterly Coaching &

The key to prolonged success is feedback and coaching. As part of our Professional and Executive packages you will receive quarterly coaching and feedback focused on how you have been tracking, with recommendations on how to supercharge your financial goals.

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Best Deals Concierge

The easiest way to save money is to compare your services, however with only so many hours in the day it is a seemingly impossible feat. Here at Bill Butler when you sign up for our Executive package you will gain access to our best deals concierge service. Our team will be working to find you the best deal on all your bills, saving you valuable time and money along the way.

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Tax and Accountant Communication

Tax time is can be daunting, but for our Executive package clients, we remove the anxiety entirely. Your Butler will create an end-of-year tax report which we will provide directly to your accountant. Stop wasting time compiling receipts and reports, and have it all done for you.

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Financial Butler

Don’t talk to a computer about your problems, talk to your Butler. With every package you will have access to a Financial Butler who will be with you every step of the way, coaching and supporting you to hit your goals and making sure all of the administration is done on your behalf.

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