‘Make your money work for you’, ‘budgeting’, ‘financial goals’, ‘get ahead of the game’ what do these buzz words really mean? The last time I checked, I worked for my money, not the other way around!

Most of us would love to achieve the paragon shift from ‘working to live’ to enjoying our life. How do we escape from the daily grind and achieve balance in our lives?

‘Financial Freedom’ – that’s how!

But like all the other financial slogans floating around…what does this actually mean for you and me?

Is it having a never-ending cash supply so we can take all the overseas trips we want? Is it investing so our money ‘works for us’ and provides a regular income while we sit at home and relax? Is it being self-employed and having the freedom to work the hours we want? Or is it simply being free of debt?

We all have different ideas of what Financial Freedom means, and that’s okay, so long as you know what your financial dream is, with a bit of work it can happen (within reason of course).

For me, someone with a rather sick addiction to all things finance related (I’m definitely in the right job!), it’s knowing that my money is under control and that everything is catered for ie. my money is there for me when I need it. I know I can buy a new pair of shoes without thinking ‘I really don’t have the money for this’ or book a family skiing holiday without thinking, ‘guess I’ll just draw down on the mortgage/credit card’. I know the money is already set aside for the things I want.

So how can you achieve financial freedom?

Proper cash flow management.

I know when most people think about money management they think restriction or a lack of financial freedom or something only rich old men do. We tend to have the misconception it will restrict our ability to spend freely. In fact, the exact opposite is true. Efficient cash flow management can actually save you time (believe it or not) and money! It provides the basis to achieving the elusive ‘Financial Freedom’.

At its core cash flow management is about working with what you have to achieve the things you want. Bill Butler is all about trying to help people achieve their ‘financial freedom’ goals.

The best part is, your Butler does all the work for you so you can enjoy the benefits. It’s well worth investing small amounts of time NOW so your finances can actually begin to ‘work for you’.

You can’t grow a mighty oak tree overnight, and the same is true with achieving your financial goals.

There are endless money management principles out there but it’s important to know it’s not a ‘one size fits all’ approach. My income, financial goals and general living expenses will be different to yours, and that’s okay, you need to ensure any plan is customised for your situation. The more customised it is to you, your lifestyle and your goals the more likely it is to ultimately succeed.

So what’s your point? I hear you asking. It’s this…if you want to achieve Financial Freedom, you need to start today!

Contact Bill Butler, or grab your calculator, paper and pen and start the ball rolling on achieving your personal financial freedom. Let ‘make your money work for you’  your financial reality.

Anna Davidson

Anna Davidson

Paraplanner JEM Wealth

Anna is passionate about finance and practical ways to make money work for you. With a background in education, Anna works at JEM wealth and is a contributor to the Butler's blog.