There’s no point in pretending we’re all built the same. If you and your partner (or your mum, or your best friend) take the cognitive profile quiz, chances are you will have different results. These results are based on the work of twentieth century psychiatrist Carl Jung. His work showed that as we develop as adults, we undergo individuation—the lifelong process of differentiation of the self out of both our conscious and unconscious elements. This “growing into ourselves” is healthy and the reason why no matter what goals or dreams we may share, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions.

Some of us have “Goals” others have Dreams!

This blog (and many like it) assumes you have life goals, and the drive and organisation to plan the steps required to achieve those goals, and then to follow through with action. What if you have dreams rather than “goals”? What if you find life is more about the journey than the destination? This post is for YOU, type-B personality reader!

If you have big dreams of achieving fitness and athletic prowess, achieving those dreams is a matter of integrity – accepting your tendency to make excuses for failure, for example, and planning ahead to negate the weaknesses you’ve already identified. Just as with achieving physical fitness, achieving financial fitness (and attaining those elusive dreams) inevitably involves honesty and integrity as you overcome the behaviours and issues that have been holding you back.

Goals may give focus, but dreams give power.

John Maxwell

Play to your strengths

There are plenty of blogs that’ll tell you to make a list, stick to that list, and set aside an hour at the same time each week to audit your list. This is because most bloggers have type-A personalities. Here’s the thing: that DOES NOT WORK FOR EVERYONE. If your strengths lie in “big picture” thinking, creative problem solving, and identifying patterns and opportunities, tying yourself down with a boring to-do list will do more harm than good.

Instead of a “regimen” the best approach to work with this outlook and the aptitudes that tend to come with it is to build systems not goals. Scott Adams sums it up like this – “goals are limiting… you miss out on opportunities that might have been far better than your goal… with a system, you are always scanning for any opportunity”.

Goals are limiting… you miss out on opportunities that might have been far better than your goal… with a system, you are always scanning for any opportunity.

Scott Adams

Proven systems for proven results

Here at Bill Butler we support Dreamers.

Bill Butler helps dreamers implement systematic financial success. So forget regimented budgets and restrictive bean-counting! Talk to us today about how we can work with you (whatever your personality type!) to establish a proven, automated system which works with you to action the planning and goal-setting elements of financial success, not to mention handling the bills payments and all that boring stuff.  You will be free to focus on the journey knowing your Butler is taking care of the details to keep your dreams on track.

Bill Butler is a personal financial services organisation helping busy Australians outsource the day to day of their personal finances. We are passionate about partnering with our clients to build the foundations for personal financial success. Is it time for you to get a Butler?


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