Integration with Financial Adviser Strategy

The aim of the Bill Butler Financial Success package is to provide full end-to-end financial management that ensures your financial goals are accelerated.

To achieve this we collaborate with all the advisers in your personal financial network – brokers, financial planners and accountants.  If you are currently not linked with a Financial Planner or Broker we can link you up to one of the professionals in our partnership network.

By collaborating, we provide visibility to your financial adviser of the day to day. By doing this we can implement the custom plan your Financial Planner has created for you that incorporates the big picture investment goals alongside of your more everyday goals like holiday plans.  This process ensures the day to day cash flow management plan is working and there are no money leaks sabotaging your goals.

We work directly with your Financial Adviser to ensure this is in place without you having to do anything other than make the connection. During the process, we provide quarterly feedback of your progress and current financial forecast, to you and your adviser to allow your planner to tweak your plan as much as necessary to hit your goals and discuss opportunities or barriers that have become clear during the quarter. You let us know who you currently consult with, we will do the rest!

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