Personal finance is something most of us struggle with, I know I sure do. I used to often sit at my computer, just like you, and look at my personal finances struggling to comprehend and organize my money. The prospect of cleaning or organizing the garage was looking better minute by minute. My dream of financial freedom was looking like just that, a dream.

Long story short, I was thinking “I need someone else to come in and fix this. I don’t want to look at this mess any longer! ” Ringing a bell for anyone?

This changed for me six months ago, when I joined Bill Butler. I learnt things, and I grew in ways I couldn’t imagine, now my finances are something I just ‘get’ and it is liberating. I know this may sound a bit dramatic, but it literally feels as though a cloud has lifted and everything was just easier.

My finances are under control and everything is just working.

My turning point

Why did it take until my mid-to-late 20’s for me to get my finances under control?

Whilst it is easy to blame our school system, we also have to look internally for the answer. I used to think I knew all that needed to be known about managing my personal finances. Cue my 20 year old self who thought it was completely sensible to spend my entire weeks’ pay check on a single night out.

But, boy, was I wrong! I am paying for these mistakes now.

I get it, it’s easy to go about our day-by-day lives, and dismiss any thoughts of financial discipline, blindly chugging through paycheck to paycheck. This changed when I learnt, 1 in 2 Australians are living paycheck to paycheck with no emergency savings or plans for retirement!

This was my wakeup call. This single statistic made me realize I was firmly entrenched in this behavior, and needed to change things. If I continued down the route I was heading I was never going to achieve my financial goals, hell, I was never going to be able to be able to buy a nice car or go on holiday’s every year. A house was just simply out of the question.

My journey begins

Every great journey starts with a single step and make no mistake, this first step will be hard, but it is so worth it in the end. The first step in my journey was to put pen to paper and work out exactly how much I spend and where. I challenge you to make this step at the end of this blog.

When you do it alone, this journey will take you through the seven stages of grief – shock and denial, pain and guilt, anger and bargaining, “depression”, the upward turn, reconstruction and finally acceptance and hope.

You can overcome this process when you ask for help. Divided we fall, together we stand.

I challenge you now to make the call to start your journey, gather your band of supporters and helpers who will be with you on this quest to financial freedom.

It is an ongoing journey for me and my quest to be financially free, but I know it will be worth it.

Am I the picture of perfection when it comes to managing my own finances? No. But, as I continue to learn more and more I know I will get better and better. I encourage you to follow me on my journey as I reach my financial dreams.

Peter Boast
Cash Management Specialist
With years’ experience in the financial sector, Peter is passionate about ensuring everyone has access to first class financial services. Peter knows what seems to work on paper doesn’t always match reality, so Peter always works to come up with the right financial solution for his client.