A headline from last week’s Courier Mail read Minister Leanne Donaldson has resigned from Cabinet following mounting revelations about her personal finances.

Like many of us, Donaldson faced intense pressure. She combined a career as a minister in the Queensland Government with single parenting, and of course managing her personal finances and bill-payments. She was a successful but time-poor professional juggling intense personal and career demands. She oversaw a $453 million budget, and drew a salary of over $12,000 a fortnight. We can only hope that her lack of focus in her personal finances was a reflection of her dedication to her career. Even so, errors caused by disorganisation in personal finances can spread to your professional life. We see this here: on the same day Donaldson tendered her resignation for driving after failing to pay her rego, she also declared failing to correctly enter her mortgage in the parliamentary register of member’s interests.

This goes to show that career success is as much danger as opportunity. As your responsibilities and seniority increase, so does your need for a Butler: a trusted “offsider” you can offload the small stuff to. If Donaldson had had an assistant to deal with those personal bills, she’d have been better able to focus on work, and made fewer unforced errors.

Ariel Timothy, operations manager at Bill Butler says “We often have clients come to us in similar situations where their lack of time and focus in their personal financial lives starts to flow over into their jobs. It starts with simple things like late payments and then compounds into stress, feelings of overwhelm and relationship conflict that start affecting job performance. Giving clients a Butler to take care of their finances substantially improves their work focus and performance. Not to mention providing a less stressful personal life.”

Donaldson’s financial disorganisation kept compounding after falling behind on her mortgage: first with non-payment of her council rates and then of her registration. Of course we must hold ministers to the highest standards, but we should also empathise: this is exactly the kind of repeated mistake busy professionals make under time pressure and when forced to task-switch too frequently.

A warning sign like a court case in which you could lose your house should focus the mind on getting personal finances right. The best response is to act on these warning signs, play to your strengths and outsource the distractions. Bill Butler helps you prioritise your personal finances by providing you with a Butler who takes care of bill payments and budget tracking, giving you time to focus on what is important to you.

Due to time poverty and the challenges of juggling demanding personal finances, Donaldson’s family was exposed to the risk of forced sale of their home, bank repossession, and the sole parent and wage earner faced legal action. Donaldson also saw her career derailed.

Bill Butler can help you avoid the same risks by providing a simple, transparent and flexible service so you can offload those repetitive (but crucial) book-keeping chores. Get in touch today.

Bill Butler is a personal financial services organisation, which helps busy professionals outsource the day to day of their personal finances.  Is it time for you to get a Butler?

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