Letter of Authority to collect/provide information from/to a third party & appointment of Bill Butler as agent

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  • (referred to in this document as "I/we" or "me/us" or "my/our")

    I/We hereby consent to and authorise my/our Financial Advisor to release to [Bill Butler Pty Ltd ACN 607 845 081] and its employees, officers,  agents and  representatives (Bill  Butler)  all  personal  information (including, but  not  limited to, government identifiers), taxation, financial and credit information and records along with any other information or documents which are held by (or are within the control of) my/our Financial Advisor which Bill Butler requests or  requires in  order to  provide the Services to me.
    I/We, appoint Bill Butler as my/our authorised agent to request from my Creditors and Financial Institutions and access all personal information, financial and credit information and records along with any other information or  documents which are held by  (or are within    the control of) my/our Creditors and Financial Institutions which Bill Butler requests or requires in order to provide the Services to me (including but not limited to information, documents and records relating to me/us, my/our credit, financial affairs and my/our account/accounts with  Financial  Institutions and  Creditors) (Information).I/We, hereby consent to and authorise my/our Financial Institutions and Creditors to: (a) provide Bill Butler with access to any Information; (b) exchange any Information with Bill Butler; and (c) conduct business with Bill Butler on my behalf and enter into negotiations and  binding agreements in  relation to  my/our financial affairs with Bill Butler on  my  behalf (including debt agreements or  payment    plans).
    I/we authorise Bill Butler to do any of the following (without limiting any other authority given to Bill Butler under the Client Services Agreement):
    • Access and  exchange Information with  (and request information from)  third  parties (including my/our  Financial Advisor,  Financial Institutions and Creditors) as required by Bill Butler in order to provide the Services to me, including information and documentation regarding  my  debts,  investments, assets and  financial affairs;
    • Acquire, access or otherwise utilise information from any credit reporting bodies in relation to my/our use of the Services;
    • Negotiate (and discuss) with my/our Financial Institutions and Creditors and enter into (as agent for me/us) arrangements that are binding on me/us related to any account/s, debts, financial affairs, arrangements or agreements with any Financial Institutions or Creditors;
    • Act on  my/our behalf in  relation to  my/our financial affairs and arrangements with my/our Financial Institutions and Creditors (including, but  not  limited to,  viewing any  account balance, transaction details and statements and debiting any    account);
    • Contact my/our employer/s and regular income sources (including those set out in section (Employment Details) of the Client Information Schedule) and exchange my/our Information with them to  the extent reasonably required for Bill Butler to  provide the Services to  me, including     to arrange for a diversion of funds to the bank account/accounts being managed by Bill Butler on my behalf;
    • Grant my/our Financial Advisor full access to all the information and documents held or collected by Bill Butler in relation to me/us (except for  any documents or information I/we have requested Bill Butler (by giving 7 days prior written notice) not to disclose to my/our Financial Advisor) [NOTE: This is only applicable for Professional and Executive packages]; and
    • Otherwise do all things necessary or  desirable to  provide the Services to   me/us.
    I/We  understand  and acknowledge that (without limiting any  acknowledgements given by  me/us in  the  Client Services  Agreement):
    1. Bill Butler and my/our Financial Institutions, Creditors, Financial Advisor or other relevant third parties may communicate with each other via telephone, letter, facsimile, electronic file sharing, e-mail or other electronic means and may transmit Information concerning me/us by any of these methods (even though there are security risks associated with such transmissions);
    2. If a payment arrangement is made by Bill Butler with Financial Institutions or Creditors, my/our written consent may be required (for example, where the Financial Institution or Creditor requires the consent to  be  in  a  specific  form);
    3. I/we may cancel this authority (or any part of this authority) at any time by giving a written notice signed by me/us to Bill Butler and the relevant Financial Institution, Creditor or Financial Advisor and termination is effective from the date the notice is received by all relevant parties. However, if this authority (or any part of this authority) is cancelled, this may result in the termination of (and have consequences under) the Client Services Agreement between me/us and Bill Butler - refer to the terms of the Client Services Agreement for details;
    4. This authority will automatically be cancelled on and from the date the Client Services Agreement terminates or expires;
    5. I/we consent to Bill Butler collecting and archiving my/our Information to help me/us with financial counselling, managing my/our personal  debt and financial situation to provide the Services and for other purposes set out in the Client Services Agreement; and
    6. If I/we do not provide complete or accurate information to  Bill Butler,  Financial Institutions, Creditors, Financial Advisors or  other third parties  this may  affect Bill  Butler’s  ability to  assist me/us.

    In  this document the following terms have the following meanings:

    Client Information Schedule means the document (and all information provided by me/us in the document) titled ‘Client Information Schedule’ dated.

    Client Services Agreement means the agreement between me/us and Bill Butler comprising the Client Letter of Engagement, Client Information Schedule, Client Services Terms and Conditions, this Letter of Authority and Bill Butler’s Privacy Policy (available at www.billbutler.com.au).

    Creditors means my/our creditors and service providers (being any entity which has provided services or credit to me/us) including, among others, the credit providers set out in section (Unsecured Credit Facilities) and (Secured Credit Facilities) of the Client Information Schedule.

    Financial Advisor means the person or entity referred to in paragraph 2 above.

    Financial Institution means any  financial  institution with  which I/we  have  an  account, including, among others,  the  financial  institutions set  out in sections (Bank Accounts), (Managed Investment Portfolios), (Term Deposits) and (Misc Investments) of the Client Information Schedule.

    Services has the meaning given to that term in the Client Services Agreement. The services that may be provided by Bill Butler to me/us may include administering my/our financial affairs and arrangements, opening bank accounts on  my  behalf, payment of  my  Creditors and subdivision    of  funds  accrued into  relevant  accounts at Financial Institutions.