Liability Disclamer

Financial Freedom & Financial Success are programs run by Bill Butler Pty Ltd. Informal Arrangements are negotiated by Bill Butler under these programs on behalf of clients. All bill administration on behalf of clients is managed under the name of Bill Butler Pty Ltd. Sampos Pty Ltd Trading as Debt Cutter provides Bill Butler clients with Credit File report services. Client information is provided to Debt Cutter solely for the purposes of providing a credit file report for Bill Butler to develop an accurate client   debt  management plan.  This sharing of information is covered under Bill Butler’s privacy policy and is authorized by the client when signing for Bill Butler Services.

Liability Statement: To the extent permitted by law, Debt Cutter and Bill Butler excludes its liability and will have no liability in respect of  any costs, expenses, claims, damages, penalties and any other losses incurred by  or  brought against    it, including (but not  limited  to):

  1. Any loss incurred by or brought against any agent, representative, contractor, personnel and/or employee of Debt Cutter and  Bill Butler;
  2. all reasonable legal costs, fees and disbursements;  and
  3. any indirect, special, consequential, collateral, incidental, speculative, contingent or punitive damages arising under this agreement; or economic loss, loss of profits, revenue, goodwill, bargain, or anticipated savings, arising from, or  consequential upon, any act or  omission  of:
  4. any third person involved in the performance of Debt Cutter’s and Bill Butlers obligations under
  5. this agreement; or
  6. any client or customer of Debt Cutter and Bill Butler, or any third person not under the direct control of the liable
  7. You have read and agree to the privacy policy located on
  8. You have  also read  and agree to  our  TOS  located on



A secured debt/loan is a contractual agreement whereby if payments are stopped items can be repossessed, such as a car or furniture

You must continue to make repayments on these loans

  1. You must provide accurate information to Bill Butler Pty Ltd and immediately advise of any change in circumstances.
  2. Entering into an Informal Arrangement is a negotiation process, and the more information provided allows Bill Butler   Pty Ltd to better negotiate on  your behalf.
  3. Informal Arrangements depend on your circumstance and outcomes will differ based on your circumstances.
  4. All items relating to your budget and debts, unsecured or secured, must be included in the Informal Arrangement so that a  full picture of  your current and ongoing financial situation can be assessed.
  5. JOINT DEBTS are only covered for your contribution – the full debt is still recoverable from the other party less any of   your contributions.
  6. Any GUARANTORS for a debt will most likely be expected to make payments for the debt by the
  7. A secured debt/ loan is a contractual agreement whereby if payments are stopped items can be repossessed (e.g. car/ furniture etc).
  8. SECURED DEBTS – While Informal Arrangements can be negotiated for secured debts, Bill Butler Pty Ltd takes no responsibility if the goods are repossessed if you do not continue to make repayments.

I fully understand the Informal Arrangement and bill payment conditions as outlined in the Liability Disclaimer statement form above.