Maximise lead conversion rates with our
“Finance Ready” Programs


It can be frustrating when your prospects aren’t in a position to get the finance they
want. It can also feel like wasted time with nothing to show for it.

Bill Butler is a Broker’s unfair advantage

As a Broker, you want to help your clients and prospects get a loan that suits their goals.  Sometimes, their financial position or situation stops them from being able to proceed.  In the past, you would have to let this client go and hope they return when things are looking better.  Not anymore, Bill Butler can help you to retain this prospect and keep them engaged so they will turn to you when they are finance ready.


Unique “Finance Ready” packages designed to make you a Broker with a difference

  • Maximise revenue opportunities by converting previously non-convertible prospects
  • Build client trust and loyalty with extended offerings that help clients achieve their finance goals; and
  • Grow referrals with increased engagement with existing clients

Who can a Finance Ready program help?

The Bill Butler Financial Freedom programs are designed to nurture prospects who are not in a position to finance (or finance affordably) and help them to become finance ready clients.
Scenarios includes:


  • Prospects who can’t show servicing history due to excessive debt, poor spending control or financial disorganization
  • Prospects looking to purchase or refinance a home but need help creating structured savings history and budgeting help before they can proceed, due to lack of history or credit impairment.
  • Prospects not in a position to finance now and need budget coaching, creditor negotiation or debt reduction strategy before moving forward with affordable finance or refinancing.
  • Existing clients with a home mortgage or investments wanting to get to their next financial goal or investment faster.

What does Bill Butler do?

  • Provides full administration of Client Bills, Debt Payments & Savings transfers
  • Assists Clients to set up budgets & structured savings to meet lending criteria
  • Educate Clients on Credit Score improvement & “bad debt” reduction strategies
  • Provides regular coaching and feedback on spending and progress towards goals
  • Ensures cash flows are forecast, and clients are alerted to potential issues so they stay in control

How does the referral and opportunity development work?

01    You refer your client to Bill Butler providing details of their finance goals

02    Clients referred are linked to you as their Broker

03    Bill Butler team nurtures the client to a point where they are in a position to proceed with Broker services, whether that be financing, refinancing or investment loans and then alerts you of this

04    Milestone alerts and quarterly reporting are set up to ensure you, as the Broker, are notified of opportunities when they arise, to enable you to act proactively

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The Bill Butler Finance Ready service may benefit various client demographics

Debt stressed clients

Prospects who require support to manage or negotiate their debt, before they can even consider moving on with their Wealth Creation journey.

Nurture clients

Prospects who are not yet in position to proceed with their desired strategy until they can create some additional savings/cashflow surplus.

Wealth Creation clients

Clients who are in the position to create wealth but need cashflow management to ensure that additional opportunities  are pro-actively managed at the point that they present

As a Finance Broker’s what are the benefits of working with Bill Butler?

✓ Increased opportunity to convert and retain those prospective clients that are not yet Mortgage or Finance Ready

✓ Ability to keep marginal clients on track; and

✓ Ability to accelerate existing client progress toward their future finance goals – for investment or home.

Bill Butler gives your clients  strategic insights into their cash flow management to assist them to commence their financial strategy sooner. We work with them to improve their available cashflow, which ultimately allows you, the Broker, to assist your client to achieve their finance goals.

Through our ongoing CashFlow management with client permission you are provided with real time financial data of your clients giving you the opportunity to proactively manage ongoing discussions around your client’s finance strategy.