You already know you should outsource. Outsourcing allows you to increase your personal productivity, and free up hours (and energy) to build for the future, as well as giving you more time to spend with the people you care about.

Committing is the easy part – the hard part is figuring out what parts of your routine to outsource, and then, which service providers to engage with.

Luckily, over the last ten years, personal outsourcing services have truly become mainstream. In fact in 2014 Australian families spent an average of $34,600 outsourcing household services.

Outsourced services include meals, holidays, cleaning, child minding, entertainment, financial advice, money management, health services, gardening, car maintenance and other chores. This explosive growth means there are lots of resources to help you find a solution which suits you and your lifestyle.

Stuff is out, services are in

As more services, such as money management and grocery delivery, have come to market personal spending on services has climbed, while spending on “stuff” of all kinds has been squeezed.

It’s fascinating to see how experiences and services have grown from only 25% of personal spending a hundred years ago, to over 65% today, with communications, entertainment and financial services the fastest growing sectors.

ABC did a review of the ABS Household expenditure survey here, if you want to see how you compare.

Outsource like a pro

The range of outsourcing options, from online financial concierge through Bill Butler, to grocery shopping, is now dizzying.

Fortunately, there is plenty of good advice online to help you prioritise which services you should outsource first. There are also many online lists of reputable outsourcing services, and even blogs about individuals outsourcing their entire lives. You should research these online to find your own top 10… though of course, we believe that should include outsourcing your boring, repetitive bill payments and personal finance administration to Bill Butler!

Be CEO of You, inc.

When you research outsourcing, you’ll find a lots of excellent advice relating to corporate outsourcing.

Don’t disregard this goldmine of relevant analysis – for example, Forbes includes articles on which categories of task suit outsourcing, and their advice is 100% applicable to personal outsourcing – after all, you’re the CEO of your own company/household. Just remember to read with a critical eye, and adjust advice aimed at corporate decision makers for your personal circumstances and to fit your personal levels of risk and trust.

Yes I want a financial butler to outsource to

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