I used to be a bank teller, yes I was the person smiling behind the glass waiting to take your money, back when people still used cash.

I would serve a customer, count the money, keep a record of the transaction type, and the balance at the end of the day.

I would see a lot of people and would see their personal financial information in its rawest form. Many people clearly just spent their money ad hoc with no real purpose or thought behind it. Just hand over cash, and bam, no more cash, then cue half joke half complained about a lack of cash.

Run it as a business

The fact is, your personal finances should be run the same way I would work as a teller, or in fact the way I ran any of the businesses I owned, through methodical, continuous processes.

You should be balancing your books to ensure everything lines up. If you don’t you could be stuck wondering how to pay the next bill, or worse come the end of year sitting there trying to balance a thousand transactions!

If we are constantly spending, be it with a credit card or overdraft account, and don’t stop to see how much we have spent, you will end up at a point where there is no money. It is a point of no return, and no money to pay for future expenses or past spending.

It’s all numbers

To me personal finance is just Math and numbers, so much so I have made a career of it with helping other people manage theirs. I am a numbers girl at heart, so this is what I crave.

However, I understand numbers is not everyone’s thing, hell there are lots of things, which just aren’t my thing. Cue, blog writing.

Why do it?

I know there are things I am not good at, so I get help from the people that are experts at it. There are also things, which to be quite honest, I just hate doing, so I don’t do them.

I outsource these things, because they are my PAIN points. My pain points are cleaning bathrooms, so I therefore have a cleaner comes and do this for me. With two teenage children I do not envy my cleaner at all.

When it comes down to it, I work fulltime and when I get home from work I don’t want to scrub toilets, so I don’t! Why are other aspects of our lives any different?

Their thing, my thing

I have a friend who earns plenty of money, but is always behind bills. They have no idea how much money they have, or what they have spent. To me, this is my worst nightmare, but to them, this is normal.

To put into context, this friend works 60+ hours a week – they just don’t have time to worry about their finances. Why should they? It’s not their thing.

Their main pain point is the lack of time – they don’t want to spend it on the boring tasks of their everyday admin. They need to outsource, like I did with my cleaner, so we can spend more time relaxing or watching Off Spring.

We’re all in this together

We are all different, and we all have different wants and desires. I don’t see why we should be stuck doing the things we hate, just because we have to do them. Why not outsource your hated tasks to someone else who can do it for you?

Bernadette Davis
Butler – Cash Management Expert

After many years running her own successful business, Bernadette moved her interest to the Financial Sector. With many years’ experience within the banking and insurance industry Bernadette uses her knowledge and passion for numbers to make finance something her clients enjoy talking about. Her passion lies in helping people achieving their financial goals.