Specialist Lending

Understanding when you need it most

Life events happen; relationships breakdown, you lose your job or illness strikes. Quite often this means you don’t fit the traditional lenders criteria. You are left thinking you can’t get a home loan, but that isn’t necessarily the case. A specialist lender could be the right option for you.

Here at Bill Butler we understand life happens and things don’t go according to plan; that’s why we specialise in non-traditional home loans. We can help you when others can’t.

With a fast approval time, often 48 hours, our panel of lenders ensure each application is individually assessed on its’ merits, which gives us greater flexibility to find the right solution for you. Specialist lenders take into account life events which have led to the position you are in now.

This is your opportunity to find your solution.

The Bill Butler Difference

We understand life can get in the way, and sometimes your financial plans get off track. This doesn’t mean you should be black listed for life.
As a specialist broker we can assist you with negotiating a better outcome for your new mortgage, or a refinance on your current property, if you:

Don’t have genuine
Have late repayments
on debts
Have mortgage
Failed to meet Lenders Mortgage
Insurance requirements
Are a discharged
Have tax and rate
Are casually
Are party to a Part IX
Debt Agreement
Have a poor credit
Have credit file defaults as
well as judgements and writs
Other situation doesn’t quite fit
in with mainstream lender criteria

Our lending solutions are suitable for those wishing to re-mortgage or to purchase a new property. This may also be the perfect opportunity to
access equity to do some renovations, purchase a new car or pay any major bills.

At Bill Butler we ensure you get a fair go.

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