International students are gambling away their future with almost 10% of all male international students classified as problem gamblers.

Double the figure of domestic students, international students are risking their future in Australia, as they gamble away their savings, tuition and living expenses.

With easier access to gambling in Australia, coupled with the anxiety which comes with moving country, it’s harder than ever for students to adapt to living in Australia without the structure & support they need that was previously provided by family.

A recent study targeted finding the causes of gambling for international students, which include:

  • High stress levels
  • Increased access to gambling in Australia
  • Financial stress
  • Socio-cultural adaption stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

These are all things parents wish they could help with, but due to the distance, you cannot offer the support your child needs. However, with increased support available in Australia you can help your child adjust to their new journey faster and without as many bumps in the road.

It’s important you empower your child to successfully complete their studies without the stress of worrying about their finances. You can continue to support them and have oversight of their life whilst they study here in Australia.

A parent only has their child’s best interest in mind.

With more options available in Australia, it’s important that you know your child’s university fees, bills, rent and other living expenses are being taken care of and your money is not being gambled away. It’s important you protect your son or daughter’s finances, as well as your own, otherwise you may risk a similar event to the recent highly-publicised case of an international student racking up $4.6 million in debt.

Give your child every chance to succeed in their studies.

With Bill Butler, we can lock away your child’s living expenses, giving them access to only a portion of their funds for free spending on a schedule you control. This means their basic needs are taken care of whilst they study in Australia, and your child can focus on their studies.

What is your child’s education worth to you?

Take control and help make your child’s time in Australia a stress-free and positive experience, with Bill Butler.