You see them in the distance, they look at each person who passes; using any means possible to get their attention.

You grab your phone and look down at the screen and pretend you are doing something extremely important. As you get closer you start to get nervous, what if you aren’t convincing enough and they somehow draw you in? The moment is upon you; you are just about to walk past, when all of a sudden:

“Hi! Do you have a moment to chat about donating to World Vision? The starving children in Africa need you.”

Arghhh…The guilt trip.

Most of us are very familiar with this encounter. We dread it, we actively avoid it.

Do I believe most of us would love to stop and donate? Yes, of course!

But, we have a world of generous people where the words “no” and “I can’t afford to help” have become common place.

I believe as a society we can change. How though?

By getting your finances under control.

But, what does this even mean?

To me at least, someone who has financial control would be someone who manages the incoming vs the outgoing efficiently. For years I seemed to be failing in this department, I suffered from too much week at the end of my pay. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, I was ready to make the changes necessary to see my financial situation change. I needed a plan, and I needed one quickly.

Making the plan

After a little research into the subject of financial freedom I developed my plan and it looked a little something like this:

  1. Prepare a budget and stick to it
  2. Get out of debt
  3. Stay inspired
  4. Eat chocolate – repeating this step as many times as needed of course

A good budget may take an hour or so out of your life to prepare but it will set you up for a lifetime of financial success. If you don’t have the time to do this, you can pay a professional who can do it for you, and essentially manage everything to make sure it is being followed.

When I set up my budget I was shocked at how much I could save, not just save, but use to grow my wealth. It made me sad thinking of all of the missed opportunities, but it also inspired me to get started straight away. When preparing my budget, I made sure I was realistic with my bills and my allocated spending money which helped me stick to this new way of living.

As the savings started to grow I was also able to eventually pay off my credit card debt. Paying off my debt enabled me to finally start growing my savings for other goals I actually cared about! Like a newer car! Really, when I had a plan in place it was super easy to hit the financial goals I had set myself.

Reconnect with the world and the people within it

Now I have control of my finances my options for giving have increased tenfold. If you begin the same journey as I have already been on it could be the same situation for you.

Where to from here?

Well it’s completely up to you! What causes are you passionate about? What pulls at your heart strings?  What inspires you? Do you want to give your money, your time or perhaps your skills and talents?

When I think of giving I think of people like Bill Gates, Hugh Jackman, Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah Winfrey & Angelina Jolie. I am constantly inspired by these wonderful human beings who have dedicated their lives, and money, to giving back to the community. If you look around, you will see plenty of Australian’s in your lives doing this already. If you want to be a more generous person look to people who are already winning in this area of their lives and replicate, replicate, replicate!

When it comes to the end of my life I want to be proud of what I have achieved. I want to have been the best mother, wife and friend possible. I want the people who matter to look at me as generous person, someone who has strived to make a difference in the lives of others. When it comes down to it, this is all that really matters right? Not how many shiny things I owned, or how much money I made, but the connections I formed.

Kristie Curry
Butler – Cash Flow Management Specialist

Kristie has over 5 years’ experience within the finance industry. With specialisation in financial planning and superannuation Kristie uses her knowledge to help empower her clients to reach their goals. With passion for budgeting, helping people get out of debt and grow their savings, Kristie brings her experience to our team of Butlers.