The one thing we all want is time. Time for family, for friends, for ourselves, and time for doing the things we love.

Unfortunately, time is money, and this inevitably means focusing on money has a cost  – doing less of the things you love.

Working in the background, as any good butler does, Bill Butler specialises in keeping your money plans on track, efficiently and methodically.

A good butler takes the busy, detailed work out of cash flow management and provides strategic insight to empower you to move beyond the day to day, and build your financial base.

This Butler is different

At a very affordable price, the butler offers managed personal finance services.
Like any well-trained butler, the money management options are customised to your personal needs, so you can set the level of control (and time saving) you are most comfortable with. The butler is here to share his expertise (so you grow yours). In short, the butler’s background supporting role enables you to grow into true management of your financial plans, rather than being reactive and fixing issues caused by your lack of time or resources.

Unique Qualities

The three indispensable qualities of a butler are:

  • Patience
    Bill Butler takes the long view for your financial well-being, and recognises no two clients are the same, so it may take time to appreciate all the details of your situation and set everything up to your satisfaction.
  • Organisation
    A modern butler’s role includes an element of personal assistant. Diarising bills, and payments, and coordinating these with the rest of your expenditures and your busy schedule. This is what any Butler should offer as part of the service.
  • Teamwork
    We understand successfully managing your cashflow underpins success in many other areas of life. We also understand the reason you need a discreet butler helping out behind the scenes is because there are too many competing demands on your time –it’s crucial to reduce complexity, not add to it!

Run the show

Bill Butler is discreet. We provide patience, organisation and teamwork you can rely on. We make our expertise available so you can use it to grow your personal finances. You run the show, the butler provides backup and manages all the “small stuff” so you don’t have to.

Jay Headshot-01Jay Stephens
Lead Thought Provoker
Jay began his career in London with Rabobank, CLS bank and a Lloyd’s of London syndicate. Jay’s work has spanned corporate communications, content editing, newspaper articles, courseware, blogging, policy drafting, technical writing, and a regular crossword. He is passionate about 8-bit tunes, self-improvement, and the Oxford comma.