Money management stress is damaging. It is particularly damaging because time spent dealing with cash, is time spent dealing with assets you have already invested time to earn.

Imagine having a Bill Butler

Imagine you have a Bill Butler, someone to take multiple worries off your plate: Bill and Debt Payments are managed, but remain under your control.

Cash flow is smoothed because the Butler looks at your outgoings and manages a reserve of cash so “spikes” won’t see you resorting to credit cards or expensive personal loans.

Finding the best deals for goods and services? That’s the Butler’s job.

It almost sounds like you could become too hands off.

But don’t worry – the Bill Butler service also includes coaching four times a year to ensure your money management planning goes from strength to strength.

Perhaps the butler’s greatest strength though is relationships. Instead of you having to interface between your financial adviser, the tax office, your accountant, and your financial institutions, Bill Butler handles it for you – all you have to do is read the reports or check the handy 24/7 web portal.

Imagine “the best”

Imagine a team, with years of experience in financial services, optimising your money management.

Imagine cutting edge software combined with hands on and responsive service simplifying and tracking your income and outgoings. Bill Butler leverages new technologies to provide the kind of efficient, secure, affordable and managed personal finance services which manage your money and optimises your cash flow in ways only available to those with personal bankers. Until now.

“The best” practice, combined with the best in personal service, the best reporting and online access through our simple web portal.

Imagine freedom

We overuse the F word. No, not that F word. But, it’s true, that’s because freedom is invaluable, and (with Bill Butler) attainable!

Not only will you have free time to focus on what matters, but you will also have strategic reporting at your fingertips. You also have the freedom to check your cash flow and outgoings – all in one place, and all with the assistance of a personal Butler!

Imagine your freedom, freedom from distraction, freedom to plan, freedom to do whatever you want.  Your butler will help you develop a concrete, actionable plan for complete financial freedom.

Stop imagining, and get the benefits for yourself!


Jay-Headshot-01Jay Stephens
Lead Thought Provoker
Jay began his career in London with Rabobank, CLS bank and a Lloyd’s of London syndicate. Jay’s work has spanned corporate communications, content editing, newspaper articles, courseware, blogging, policy drafting, technical writing, and a regular crossword. He is passionate about 8-bit tunes, self-improvement, and the Oxford comma.