If you only read one article today, then I encourage you to read an article written by Benjamin Hardy over at Thrive Global, I have provided the link below…

“If you are too busy for these 5 things: Your life is more off-course than you think”

It is really powerful and something we should all be contemplating and integrating in this world where we think being busy is a virtue.  I was discussing with a friend yesterday the funny ways we answer the question “How are you?” ….

“Nice and busy”

“I’m breathing”

“Crazy but good”

I can hear myself saying these things.  Perhaps it is just because I am due a holiday.  But more than that we let ourselves get off course and give ourselves over to the busy in replacement for standing still once in a while and asking ourselves, what is this all about anyway.  Instead of striving for busy, lets strive for purpose.

Micro changes can create big results

In his article, Benjamin starts with describing how long airplane journeys are kept on track by small corrections and even a couple of degrees can make the difference between getting to a destination and catastrophe.   In our lives this can also be correct.

Just looking at his take on Financial Energy resonates so strongly with me as it is what the business of Bill Butler is all about.  We work on the principle that once you get the fundamentals in place

  1. Clarity ;
  2. Structure ;and
  3. Intention

then short feedback cycles and micro changes aligned with your own values and relationship with money are the key to achieving personal financial success.

Put simply, it is the small corrections that we make that keep us on course towards our bigger visions.

Do you really need to earn more money to be happy?  Perhaps using what you have is a more effective way to lift the stress and achieve contentment.

Financial Contentment is rarely achieved by earning more money more often contentment is attained by optimising what we already have

Getting your life back on course

The ThriveGlobal article focuses on five key areas that we need to give thought to in order to create the life we desire to live. In summary,

  1. Environmental Energy – removing clutter
  2. Financial Energy – stop being a slave to your money
  3. Relationship Energy – authenticity
  4. Health Energy -health is wealth
  5. Spiritual Energy – having a higher purpose for your life.

As a team, we are continually discussing the best way to enhance our clients financial outcomes, and reading this article gives me inspiration and heart to know we are on the right track.  By automating our client’s financial management and financial goal progress Bill Butler is assisting our clients to replenish their Financial Energy that in turns fuels their ability to focus on creating an optimum purposeful life.

Replenishing your Financial Energy can fuel your ability to focus on creating an optimum purposeful life.

Benjamin asks, “Why do most people get stuck?  They never get organised.”

In exploring,  “Financial Energy” the article asks the following questions…

  • Do you have unnecessary debt?
  • Do you know how many dollars you spend each month?
  • Do you know how many dollars you make each month?
  • Are you making as much money as you’d like to be?
  • What’s holding you back from creating more value in other people’s lives?

“Most people don’t track their expenses. But if they did, they’d be shocked how much money they waste on stuff like eating out.”

Benjamin goes on to describe himself,  “I’ll be honest, as a creative and right-brained person, administrative and logistical details bog me down. I procrastinate and avoid them. But this lackluster behavior is holding me back from the very goals I’m trying to accomplish.  Until I can hone in on my finances, I won’t have a healthier financial life, regardless of my income. Until I take complete responsibility of my finances, I’ll always be a slave to money.  And so will you.”

Well I think we can all relate to that!

Although I have focused on financial energy, you will have to forgive me this is a bit of a passion of mine, I do encourage you to read about the other energy focuses of the Thrive Global article they are also powerful and worthy of contemplation, especially if you want to be done with busy and thrive living a life with purpose.

And if you want to stop being a slave to your money and fuel your Financial Energy then get in touch, we just might have a solution that gives you some rocket fuel.  Otherwise, take our Strategic Money Management Profile quiz to find out what gives you Financial Energy.


Having financial clarity, getting your personal finances under control and heading where you want is like having a super power. My goal is to give every Australian access to this superpower.  I also love camping, great food and hanging out with my family and friends.