I’ve never been one to do things on a small scale and I’ve always acted on my gut feeling and emotions.

For instance, when I was 19 years old I decided to move to England by myself. I had been approved for a 5-year visa and my goal was to work and travel throughout the UK and the EU for the next 5 years. I was young, and I was excited!

The plane ride was fine, but the train ride to my new home, an hour from London, was terrifying. I burst in to tears and was consoled by a lovely lady on the train. What had I done? What made me think I would be fine travelling alone to another country?

As soon as I arrived at the hotel I was going to be working in/living at, I was taken to my room and told to go to sleep as I would be working the very next morning.

Long story short, I was in and out of England in 3 weeks.

This was an extremely embarrassing and disappointing time in my life, I had made a big deal to my family and friends about leaving, and now only 3 weeks later, I was back.

It wasn’t long after I returned to Australia my dad made a statement to me: “Kristie, you always set big goals but you NEVER stick to them.”


If my own father thought this about me, then, what did everyone else think?

Even though this comment hurt at the time, it ended up motivating me enough to change the way I viewed goal setting. In short, I believe that one statement back in 2010 changed my life forever.

Take the following example:

Dec 31st 2014 – It was New Year’s Eve, and like millions of people around the world I wanted to set myself a New Year’s resolution.

As far back as I can remember I have had a love/hate relationship with chocolate. I love the way it tastes and I crave it in my weakest moments (mainly stress).

Unfortunately, chocolate was causing my skin to break out, and was contributing to my weight gain. When your son points at your belly and says “Mommy, is there a baby in there?” you know you may need to change a few things.

So my 2015 New Year’s Resolution was to go an entire year without eating any form of chocolate (told you I don’t do things on a small scale!). January, July and December were the most excruciating months on my chocolate free journey, but I am proud to say I did not eat any form of chocolate in 2015.

Mind you, the cover image is me at 12:01am on 1st January 2016:

I was in chocolate heaven!

Since my dad’s comment, I have learnt to set realistic, achievable goals. When setting goals, you need to ensure the goal is something you are passionate about achieving otherwise the journey will be a painful one.

Over the years I have achieved many goals, some personal and some financial. Some of the personal goals I have achieved are training for and running two 10km races, going without any form of chocolate for a year and completing my Financial Planning diploma. These goals took practice, patience and persistence but I was realistic and therefore I achieved them all.

Some of the financial goals I have achieved were paying off my credit card (and then doing some much needed “plastic surgery” by cutting up the card – so satisfying!) and also saving $7,500 in 8 months to buy a newer car.

Financial goals can be challenging, especially if debt is chewing up a large amount of your budget. You can easily feel that saving towards any goal is an impossible feat. There is hope though, companies such as Bill Butler can assist you work towards your goals and get your budget working for you rather than against you.

Moving forward, I want to continue to achieve what I set out to do, and smash as many goals as possible. I encourage you to start setting your own goals, you may slip up here and there, but so long as you get back on that horse and keep working hard you can achieve anything.

Kristie Curry
Butler – Cash Flow Management Specialist

Kristie has over 5 years’ experience within the finance industry. With specialisation in financial planning and superannuation Kristie uses her knowledge to help empower her clients to reach their goals. With passion for budgeting, helping people get out of debt and grow their savings, Kristie brings her experience to our team of Butlers.